100% Kona Instant Coffee


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The simplest way to enjoy 100% Kona Coffee

To make the most out of our exceptional coffee, use fresh filtered water. Coffee should be stored in an airtight bag and kept in a cool, dark place or stored into a freezer. Coffee should avoid air, light and moisture. 

Have you tried making Dalgona coffee? Try making it with our 100% Kona coffee to make the most delicious Dal-Kona coffee! 

> Click to see how to make Dal-Kona Coffee


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great instancat coffee

I love this instant coffee because each morning I can still get a taste of Hawaii even when I'm not on vacation

Joyce Youngs
The best instant coffee

100% Kona Instant Coffee is delicious—drink it everyday!!

Diane S.
Best camping coffee!

Heat some water, grab a cup, add coffee, pour water and stir. When you’re camping and want to use as few pots as possible, this coffee is perfect! It tastes just like our regular drip Kona coffee. We were so pleased that we ordered 5 more bags when we got home. Perfect to have while sitting by the campfire in the cool morning. We love it!!

Maria F.
Hands down best coffee ever!

I’ve always preferred instant coffee but this instant Kona coffee beats out all other coffees. The smell even wakes me up and then the first sip just makes me happy. It’s strong but smooth every time. It also doesn’t make me jittery and high on caffeine like most other coffees but strong enough to keep me awake for hours. You will not regret buying this coffee. Frankly, this coffee ruins you from all other coffees! I can’t drink anything else anymore. Tastes like hale!

Jamie Wheeler

My family loves your island, your people, your love and hospitality. We pray for Maui.

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